Welcome to Angel Road! I’m Corinne, ready to guide you to living beautifully every day, flowing through life, like Angels. I grew up on Angel Road in a small town north of NYC and often my Mother and I would reflect on the roads and choices you take through life that make you, you. An amazing outfit and style has the ability to instantly boost your mood and empower your day in the journey!

My story starts with loss and evolves into embracing my new life and focusing on each moment.  My mom, now one of my angels, and I always knew how good clothes can make you feel and had our vision of bringing Angel Road to life.  I know she is smiling watching my daughter, Kennedy, and I doing all the things we cherished together. 
I spent six years being a single parent, my late husband watching over and guiding me to exactly where I am today. I found new love and have two beautiful children, a path I never knew was meant for me. 
ANGEL PHILOSOPHY. Meditate. Do More Yoga. Give Back. Try New Things. Treat Yourself. Change your Path. FEEL Beautiful. Trust your Angel Road.